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Commercial Services


Our commercial electricians not only stay up to date on code regulations but are also licensed and experienced. Knowing the national and state requirements is not enough. The codes for each city are varied, and furthermore, change continuously. Not only must our electricians go through the necessary steps of journeyman and apprentice to become a commercial electrician, they are experienced with the latest technology, make load calculations for every circuit, and understand the steps of inspection approvals. Barnett Electrical knows the electrical standards by the National Electrical Code (NEC), which covers over 800 areas designed with personal and public safety in mind.



From fixing media cables and ethernet lines to huge electrical systems, Barnett Electrical Services exists to make sure your place of business stays up and running.


New Construction

Building new office space? Partner with us to ensure your wiring & electrical systems are in tip-top shape from the word go, and remove all of your worry.



Making changes to your existing workspace? We’re here to lend a hand in the planning and installation of your project while keeping your space clean & safe.

Commercial Service Work

Keeping your business connected.


Maintain & Repair

Fixing small problems before they become a big ones

Electricity is something that workspaces all over the world take for granted. We hardly ever worry about it while things are working properly and there are no issues, but if problems arise things can get frustrating pretty quickly. Partner with us to make sure that when these issues do come up, you can rest assured that you have the best electricians available, working on your behalf to rectify the problem at hand.

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Our Work

Check Out Some of Our Completed Commercial Projects

Barnett Electrical has been serving commercial customers in the OKC area for over decades. In that time, we have built relationships with our customers that time and time again have given us chances to make them proud with our workmanship. We see every job we take as another opportunity to make a valued customer happy. If you are thinking about experiencing this relationship for yourself, check out some of our previous commercial work.

Commercial New Construction

Get your business started off on the right foot.


New Construction

We are your local electricians that do things right the first time. The last thing you can afford when moving your business into its new workspace is a setback due to faulty workmanship. With our experience and track record, you can be assured that you will not have to be concerned about setbacks to your business. Work with us from the beginning, so that start to finish you know you are getting a quality of work that has stood the test of time over decades in Oklahoma City.


Give Us a Call

Go ahead and give us a call to start down the path of wiring your new business or workspace properly.


Talk to Us About Your Future

Let’s sit down together to get on the same page about the direction you see your business moving.

Commercial Remodel

We’re wired for this.



We understand that the decision to update your workspace is not a small one. When major changes are in order, trying to visualize & understand what all will need to happen from the electrical side of things can be overwhelming. Barnett Electrical offers the licensed local electricians that can be there for you to do the thinking, planning, & understanding for you and take the worries off of your plate.


Speak to a Commercial Electrician

You’ve decided to get started on your commercial remodel. Give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you.


Let Us Come Take a Look

We are at our most helpful if we can see your space prior to any change and get a feel for what kind of updates you are hoping for.

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